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  1. I would talk directly to the executive chef. Generally a place of that caliber would know a thing or two about celiac but its usually best to gauge what the chef knows. They will make sure the staff knows to watch out for you. Always good to re-enforce the things you cant have on your food like soy sauce & flour thickeners. Some places use pre-mixed roux and other sauces and even the chef does not always realize whats in it. Good luck
  2. I think there are 3 types but not sure of the details. you might be able to order things you need or get seeds to grow your own veggies. There are a number of veggiews form south india like bitter melon which are used to control blood sugar. many things are geared towards individual problems like diabetes. good luck
  3. Those who follow ayurvedic medicine in South india are about 70% vegetarian and the remainder are vegan. They use a fruit called kokum (Garcinia indica) related to mangosteen to help with detox. They also use many unusual vegetables not often found in other countries. The diets use a lot of moringa, okra, amaranth, chick pea flour (Chana Besam) and small red shallots as well as dal/split peas and beans. If there is an Indian area in your town you might check to see what they have.
  4. Never did have burning when I was first diagnosed by endoscopic exam about 12 years ago but my testosterone level was literally wiped out. Other basic hormones where dangerously ow and had to go on replacement therapy. You might want to have your levels check as a precaution. Not sure if the burning could be related but it might be possible. Good luck.
  5. i would agree with most of your assessment but overall the popular chefs are very aware. Ed Kenny at Town did have gluten-free options on the menu. Mavro's will fix something special given advance notice but its expensive. excellent but very expensive. Alan Wong is very aware and will have his staff prepare something as well. We did find many options at both Oahu whole foods -- mostly with tofu. the only thing there is to be aware of cross contamination with things next to it. they make a great gluten-free southwestern tofo dish which is great but not if its sitting next to anything with gluten. Its not whole foods but people use the smae spoons and tongs i found more at down to earth in peal city than by University ave
  6. Hi, I'm in KOna but my kaiser doctor just retired who was pretty good about it. I dont know of a specialist here but most of hte kaiser docs wil test you if thats when you need to talk to them about. good luck
  7. My wife has been using Bob's and another one we get in hawaii which she is out of. Sorry I cant remember the name but if its 100% almond then no problem. Im highly sensitive to gluten and never had problems. Oh its the King Arther almond flour which she likes best.
  8. have a great trip!
  9. Any time, Have a great trip
  10. plain coffee is no problem, There are reports of some flavored coffee not being.
  11. Greetings from Kona, There are a plethora of restaurants that offer gluten free and vegan / vegetarian options here especially if you let them know ahead of time. Under the Bhodi tree with Chef Steve Rouelle located in the shops at mana lani is excellent. Most of the hotels all have options as well. My son, Rob Love, is the chef at Copper Bar at Mauna Kea Beach Resort and can fix you up as he does me -- (Or I write him out of the will (^_^)) Four Seasons does a great job as well when they know in advance. By me there is a place called Local Wraps which has some gluten-free & Vegan options too. The BBQ jackfruit (without the tortillas) is amazing. Red Water Cafe, Merrimans are also well versed in gluten-free options, but like to know in advance. If you just stop in they will have something but if they know in advance it will be something special and not just a gluten-free pasta thing. Island Naturals grocery store has a fair number of items but choice mart, the store I use has a greta selection for a small local market. Safeway and Foodland and KTA, the large groceries, dont have too much. No gluten-free bagels or breads there but the others do have them. My wife and others bake gluten-free items for the SAturday Farmers market in Keauhou so if you let me know when you'll be there ill make sure she has a good selection. ( I get the leftovers!) On Maui, there is Mana Foods and a great Whole Foods near the airport so its no problem to find things there. The hotels and restaurants have some but not as much as in Kona. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to try weird fruit while your here. I'm the director of the state fruit growers group and past president of the ACF Chefs in Hawaii. HAve a great trip Ken
  12. Not sure if this was posted before but just came across it. A list of the Bobs Redmill gluten-free products.
  13. Anyone try this gluten-free coffee flour?
  14. most of the hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have gluten free baked goods. Amazing buffets with large selection of gluten-free foods. I visited a number of hotel kitchens that had gluten-free sections. Some great operations and meals.