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  1. It's just one day! But our doc let us have ensure . Probably too late to ask your doc now.
  2. If there is sentimental value to a coffee cup - your kids gave you one that says " mom" or something - you can always use them to hold pens on your desk or as a vase for small flowers
  3. I worked in health care, too. But the fact is, gluten isn't like a germ. It won't multiply and dried crumbs don't really stick... Just use some common sense and you will be fine
  4. that is why they pay me the big bucks!
  5. Where did you end up? Did you like it? I probably should have posted that sometimes I bring along a little Go Picnic box or a bar or bag of nuts or something. Sometimes its just easier. And if you get somewhere which has always been good - but feel something isn't right, you aren't stuck with nothing or hunting down a grocery for an apple and a yogurt (also another good choice sometimes).
  6. I think we sometimes go a bit overboard on this throwing out kitchen stuff. The basic idea is that anything that is hard to clean - like all the little holes in a colander or a porous pizza stone- should be replaced. If you think you can get something clean- use it. The fact is, it's not going to be an endless supply of gluten in the little scratches on your pans. If it's going to come out - it will the first time you use it. I put old pans in the dish washer and have been using them. I cleaned out the kitchen drawers because they get crumbs. We should all probably clean them out more. Just wash off the pens if you want. Throw it all out and start a new junk drawer if that helps.
  7. I don't think I would worry there was gluten hiding there. But I think you need new cups - you probably shouldn't use cups that no longer have a good base of glaze.
  8. What would you have used the cups for that had gluten? Also, I have never seen a Keurig cup with gluten. I suppose you could send some vinegar through and then several plain water cycles. There is also somehting called a "de-scaler" that is supposed to go thru coffee systems and get the calcium build-up from water and coffee oil build-up off.
  9. I keep adding to my post. I know there is at least 1 gluten-free bakery that may also sell lunches. Google gluten free bakery Denver
  10. Lark burger! Five Guys can be good - Best to go when not busy and sort of "supervise". I always order mine separate from my gluten eaters - to avoid confusion and keep them from all touching. Denver is a big area - try "findme gluten free. com" and the area you will be in. There are some mostly or completely gluten-free places. I loved the steak salad at the MOd Market in Longmont - I know there are other locations Snooze
  11. Sometimes they want to do endos and even colonoscopies to see if there are any other issues. In the case of a small child, they may be concerned with developement of stomach, valves, etc. probably depends on what his problems are.
  12. The sorghum used for gluten-free baking is specifically grown and harvested to be gluten-free. These farmers do not alternate with wheat or use the same harvesting and storage equipment as other grains. That adds to the cost but make sure it safe for Celiacs.
  13. Who knows. You may be fine with gluten. You don't have celiac. YOu ate gluten and felt fine. Now you aren't eating gluten and feel bad - probably not a gluten problem? Sounds like gas from eating something you find hard to digest.