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Ideas For Dream Kitchen!

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I have this tiny kitchen which was fine before going gluten-free, but now it is WAY too small. So I have been thinking about what features would work best in a kitchen. Hopefully we will move in the next 2 yrs, so I have to figure out what I want. Here is what I have so far:

Double oven


Walk-in Pantry

Half the special cabinets from Kitchen Aid!! :lol:

Plenty of counter space.

A huge commercial freezer (but not in the kitchen!!)

Granite countertops

Built in spice rack

So, what do you guys want in your "Dream" or ideal kitchen?? Have fun and dream big!! I am curious to know if I am the only one sitting around dreaming about a better kitchen!!



Mom of 4 beautiful girls (the 2 youngest are only 10 months apart!)
Diagnosed with Celiac disease on November 8, 2006; gluten-free as of 12-1-06.

DD#2 13 years old; diagnosed on November 28, 2006. gluten-free as of 12-7-06.
DD#3 9 years old; diagnosed through blood work in October 2006. Gluten-free as of mid-November and doing GREAT!!
DD#4 8 years old; had a scope done on 6-22-07 (at 14 months old) and the dr saw stomach ulcers, but all test results were negative. GI dr told us to put her on the gluten free diet anyway. She is gluten free as of 6-22-07.

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Under the counter wine cooler.

I don't personally like granite as it is so hard to keep clean and if you drop something on it - it is hard to repair. I like LG HI-Max Volcanic series with no shine. Easy to clean, repair and does not show scratches.

I also had built in spice racks in the past. But, because I have so many spices I keep them in the freezer door. Easy to reach and they don't lose their peak flavors so fast.

Garage doors to keep appliances out of sight and be sure and put plenty of outlets inside them.

I have a pop up shelf for my mixer which is my favorite thing. My mixer is always ready to use and all I have to do is open the doors and pop it up and in to place. It is counter height. Be sure and put a plug inside this cabinet.

I kept a folder for many years with all of my dream ideas.

Have fun!!

"Throw yourself a pity-party and you'll be the only guest." - Earlene Fowler

Diag. Celiac Disease by positive blood test 2/03/2004

Allergies - corn, soy, casein, egg whites and wheat

Morphia Scleroderma


Hypothyroid and Hperthyroid

Essential Tremors



Fibromyalgia - diag. in 1978 when they called it Fibrositis

PAD Peripheral Artery Disease

Angina and Atrial Fibrillation

Gluten Ataxia


Scoliosis of the spine (caused by malabsorption and it is horribly painful) This would be enough reason for someone to go gluten free.

Ocular Myastenia Gravis

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I love doing these types of things.

Walk in pantry

A side by side fridge with ice maker (we rent now and have a stackable and for my gluten free foods I have no room)

One of those huge 6-burner gas stoves, stainless steel.

All my appliances I would prefer to be stainless steel.

A double sink with a spray gun

More cabinet space

An island

Isn't it fun to dream :)

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

Friends may come and go but Sillies are Forever!!!!!!!


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i just re-did my kitchen about 18 months ago.

We put new tile on the floor

all new cabinets, even added 3 new ones.

all new countertops

put in more outlets

have a side by side fridge

plus a freezer in the kitchen nook area

wanted an island but my kitchen is long and not wide, so no room

we got all new appliances

a custom kitchen nook table

I love my new kitchen

and i love i actually cook more in it now lol


gluten, casein and soy free

on low carb/low sugar diet

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range hood microwave/convection oven (I love mine!)

double oven

industrial strength lazy susan (I broke mine) :angry:

kitchen island w/ breakfast bar

side by side refrigerator

XL upright manual defrost freezer (for basement or garage)


Gluten free since May 2004

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I don't really care for the side-by side frigs. So, I'd like the one that has the freezer on the bottom, black to match my dishwasher and oven. I'd like a new paint job and some wood flooring put in. The shelving that pops up the Kitchen Aid sounds great!!

Oh, can I also order a hot gluten-free chef with my new kitchen too?! :lol:

Mom of:

Carleigh~ 10 years old, allergic to wheat, milk, peanuts, strawberries, and many EAs. She is currently soy-light and egg-light ~ celiac testing inconclusive by allergist.

Gluten-Free since 10/05 She's a gymnast. : )

Nick ~ 13 years old with no known allergies.

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A chef!

Stomach problems began November of 2005

Gall bladder removed April 2006

Positive Blood test October 2006

Refused endoscope

Gluten-free since January 21, 2007

Positive reaction to diet

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21b

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An Aga Cooker.

Granite counters.

I had both of those in my old kitchen and am getting both in my kitchen when we remodel :). We're working on plans now.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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Fun! I've been planning mine for years :P I want a separate counter with marble inset for baking, especially now. I'll trade my side by side for a french door fridge. Pull out pantry shelves would be very nice. A convection oven with a power gas top--they actually make these. LG solid surface counter top with undercounter sink is a must have. The only thing I'm unsure about is the floor. I dont want tile or vinyl. I love the look of bamboo but there is oak flooring adjacent to the kitchen so I have coordinating issues. :rolleyes: More outlets, many more! My husband says it would be easier to move-haha.

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Since my husband and son eat gluten bread etc... I would like two kitchens. A regular kitchen for me to cook in and a mini kitchen for them (microwave, small sink, mini refrigerator, counter top and a cupboad)


Gluten Free - 30 years

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Open kitchen florr plan to living room or den area

Indoor counter top grill

Gas range!!! We have electric now and it kills me!!!!

Double oven plus microwave

Side by side fridge with filtered water and ice in door (26cft min)

Any Fridge or freezer in garage too

Bread drawer

spice drawer

knife drawer

plus at least 4 more drawers :)

big pantry in kitchen

island with eating area (stools at counter min)

wood cabinets

pendant lights

under cabinet lights

bill pay/desk area

plus, of course, the free interior designer/decorator :P

I can't wait to remodel the kitchen ... someday....

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Pot drawers! (Or should I say saucepan drawers. :ph34r: )

That's really the big thing. My knees don't work well, so I'd like to never have anything on a bottom shelf, but the drawers would eliminate me buggering up the ol' knees to root around for something in the bottom cabinets.

Easy to access corner cupboards. Yes, I'm living in a dream world. We have three bottom corner cupboards and while I am an expert and feeling around for the slow cooker, wok, whatever, and tilting it just exactly right in order to get it out, I'd rather not have to.

The other thing is a floor that conceals dirt. So, a mud coloured surface. But pretty mud :rolleyes: . With a dog and two boys and a Mom who hates mopping, a floor to camouflage dirt is essential.

I'm sure there's more, like a better fridge/stove, but those are the big three. The rest is wishful thinking. One thing I do have that I love is an upright freezer.

Linda, Mom to Ty (11 years old)

Ty was diagnosed by blood test June 7/05

biopsy Aug 11/05, diagnosis confirmed Aug 18/05

Mom, Dad and big brother Celiac-free.

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whee!! fun topic!! i love thinking about kitchens and cooking. i would gladly take everything listed above... plus pretty copper-bottomed pots hanging from the ceiling over an island in the middle of the kitchen. i don't know why i've always been fascinated with that!

diagnosed 8/05 through positive bloodwork & biopsy

gluten-free since then!

"Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries." Theodore Roethke

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In my dream kitchen I want it open to the rest of the house, I have being "cut off" from friends and family when I cook and they are all visiting!

I want those drawers for the pots and pans mentioned above but in EVERY cabinet!

Corners will be outlawed!!! I hate searching and finagling to get something out (in my last kitchen) or the "lazy susan" corners where the stuff falls off into the back and you can even open the dang door (current kitchen) there HAS to be a better way! (maybe that free room designer will think of it, I would hate to see my free chef suffer needlessly!)

Laurelfla... I have the copper bottom pans... stainless insides (revere) and I do love them just dont have your hanging thingie for them or the island but I do like them.

Just my .00000002 cents worth

If I knew what I was doing years ago I would have half a clue today!

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Everything ya'll mentioned PLUS a magical gluten sensor. If anyone has 1 speck of gluten on them an alarm would go off preventing them from having contact with me. Maybe that should go at the front door..... Yes. Oh and a levatation machine. I'm barely 5'4" so I can't reach hardly any upper cabinets!! It'd be lovely to use them!

DH and i live in an apartment (tho for an apartment my kitchen is good sized and well organized) so I dream A LOT about what our future kitchen will be!

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I like all the ideas, plus built in cubpoards or something to that effect for recycle bins. And somewhere to stash the stupid plastic bags I get from the store since I like to reuse them. Slide out shelves make life easier when your trying to find something.

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