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The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

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We're having fish and chips and they get floured then battered. We're having it again in two days and I asked my husband if he wouldn't be too paranoid to keep the flour for two days. He said it was fine since it's all going in the fryer anyway. I said it'll go into the cleansing... fryer. :lol: omg I crack me up when I get a good pun in!


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    • Thank you for your reply.  My Dr didn't say anything about an endoscopy.  Just said don't eat gluten.  Of course he's the same Dr that didn't know about a gluten challenge.  Should I ask for one?  Thanks for the tip about the Newbie 101! Cathy
    • Um yeah, you pretty much slam dunked it! Yes, probably they would have been higher if you'd been eating a full gluten diet but even though you were carb free for 2 months, you were probably getting all kinds of cross contamination. Make sure to read the Newbie 101 pinned at the top in our Coping section. Did the doc say anything about getting an endoscopy?
    • Thank you so much again! I know I have to keep eating gluten until I get the bloodworm. I plan on getting the bloodwork done soon because I do have to keep eating the gluten:/ once I get those results,  I will do the endoscopy/colonoscopy. The weird thing is that last week I started eating gluten and then I feel crappy for a week and I've been eating it still, but it hasn't been nearly as bad. Still slight headaches and stomach problems but not as bad as last week. So fingers crossed! Thank you for the help again!  
    • Hello I know this thread is 6 years old but I came across it having not realising I had bookmarked I found the answer to the cause of my insane body problems........TOXIC celiac and fructose....tyramine intolerance.But it was the mold exposure I had in 1994 that started the cascade of symptoms.....due to having the worst type of genetic susceptibility HLA 0401-03-53 ......Im so lucky I actually have 2 of these genotypes.......well my diet has improved and my overall wellbeing is better.....but its still what I call "the "rollercoaster"....or Pinball syndrome" ...... if anyone would like more info can contact me @
    • Hi, Did the anemia resolve after you went gluten-free?  If it did then that might indicate improved absorption of nutrients.  That would in turn mean your symptom (anemia) went away because of not eating gluten. Celiac disease does not only cause GI system symptoms.  People can have joint pain, skin rashes, nerve damage, etc.
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