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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I can guarantee you that once you get your weight back up to normal, your period will come back. You sound really malnourished and if your weight gets too low, your periods will stop. Don't panic.......I was down to about 92-94 pounds at diagnosis so you will be able to heal if you do the diet correctly and don't cheat. Once you start to feel better and your other problems are under control , you will find it easy to stick to the diet. Nothing beats health! Good luck to you!
  2. As the other's have stated, you most certainly can go on to have additional AI diseases whether or not you are Celiac or NCGS. Many AI diseases can be figured out without mainstream testing, as you know from your severe symptoms of Sjogren's. I also have Sjogren's and knew that I did without any doubt because of the severity of my symptoms. I was later tested with a new PCP and yes, they confirmed what I already knew. Have you had the blood work for Sjogren's? Not that it matters because you already know. As Sjogren's really has no treatment other than treating the symptoms, having a confirmed diagnosis doesn't always matter. Just see the doctors you need to see for the specific problems you have stemming from it and that's all you can really do. So far, it has worked for me.
  3. Way to go, Ennis! You said what was rolling around in my head. This was the paragraph that did it for me. This pity party has lasted way too long.......
  4. King Arthur gluten-free cookie mix is excellent! It is a basic cookie dough and you can add whatever you like in cookies as add-ins. I sometimes add 1/4 cup of peanut butter, along with chocolate chips and walnuts.........yum! If you want a thicker cookie, add 2 eggs instead of one and omit the water. They do a great banana bread mix also.
  5. Immersion Blender ???

    I have the Cuisinart blender and still use it with nary a problem. I always cleaned them well and, quite frankly, unless you used it very often with gluten containing liquids, and the blender is old and questionable, it will be safe. You don't have to automatically toss something because someone used it once with a forbidden food. All the immersion blenders I have seen have a hard plastic casing and, unless they are really scratched up bad which is hard to do with that type of plastic, it should be just fine.
  6. Oh, it is fascinating but I am comfortable eating gluten free and being careful with my food. I never had an issues adapting to this lifestyle so, unless they come out with some fantastic cure that you get one shot for and it's done, I am not interested. I just cannot imagine eating wheat again. I don't miss it at all. I have found the exciting new world of gluten free grains and after spending a lot of time learning to cook well with them, I am not going back. BTW,.........I was diagnosed without biopsy. You should see my blood screen for Celiac. When I show it to any new doctor who gets uppity about me not having a biopsy and whether or not I really have Celiac, their eyeballs pop. Not to mention I am a classic Celiac so my size only bolsters the blood work. I think it isn't just "old habits die hard" mentality, they make a fortune on biopsies. They have whole wings dedicated to scoping people these days and they don't want to give up that money train. But I totally agree with you in that they could be doing a lot better. They still make the same mistakes with people since I was diagnosed 12 years ago!
  7. Read this: https://celiac.org/blog/2016/01/gluten-free-101-need-know/ Did everyone hear my groan over the wheat paste on the barrels question? While some wine makers may use wooden barrels for their wine, and some may use wheat paste to seal them, they most likely go to great lengths to make sure that it does not get into the wine itself because that could change the taste and taste is very important to a wine maker. The Celiac Disease Foundation and other organizations have never, ever warned us not to drink wine fermented in wooden barrels either. Not to mention that I drink my fair share of red wine and am a very sensitive Celiac who has never become sick from red wine. I am pretty sure that after 9 years of enjoying red wine, if there were any wheat in the wine, I would have Refractory Celiac by now. My antibody levels have been super low since healing so I trust that as evidence, along with what I have read from reputable Celiac information sites....meaning medical. There are just too many crazy bloggers out there with tons of misinformation. Artificial colors/flavorings are made from chemicals and not from anything derived from nature so the odds of there being a harmful protein derived from wheat, barley or rye in them is almost nil. You notice I said "almost" because nothing in life is absolute except death. As I do not drink hard liquor, you should always do your research BUT I highly doubt artificial color has gluten in it. The article I referenced lists artificial flavors as safe so artificial colors should follow suit but if you are doubtful, find something else to drink. I know some companies will label their product as gluten free so maybe search for those brands. I know Tito's vodka is a much loved safe product for us.
  8. I am not sure what I would do for "treatment" other than the gluten-free diet. It would be great if they had a pill that would protect against cc so your immune system wouldn't ramp up with small hits but honestly? Considering I triggered with a disease that damn near did me in 12 years ago, it's highly doubtful I would knowingly ingest any wheat, barley or rye ever again in my life. I just do not find the gluten-free lifestyle/diet burdensome or that hard to make me do that. I'm pretty happy with the options that have worked for me for so long. Any pills or treatment would have to have zero side effects or it's a no go for me. I know too many people that had life threatening complications from medications they were on. It's like trading one serious problem for another. For those who opt for any treatment, it will be interesting to see just how it works and if there are down sides.
  9. You know, I would rather follow the gluten-free diet for the rest of my life than do hookworm or fecal transplant treatments. That is just so........GROSS!
  10. There really is no need to test alcohol. For hard liquor, there are brands that advertise well their gluten-free status, like Tito's vodka. Many hard liquors are inherently gluten free anyway, due to distillation or lack of the use of gluten grains. I know it has been said there are a very small number of people who react to them but the vast majority don't. Wine is gluten free. It is much easier to figure out the gluten content of alcohol than food. I am a very sensitive Celiac and have never been glutened by the red wine I drink, no matter the brand. I do not drink hard liquor. If you haven't been diagnosed long, it might be wise to abstain until you heal more. I could not tolerate alcohol until the 3 year mark.
  11. I just wanted to say I hope everyone, especially the newbies to Celiac, go on line and join Beyond Celiac. Even if you don't fill out the surveys, which are kind of fun to do, there is a WEALTH of information on everything Celiac, including recipes and how to get started on the diet and manage it well. Between Celiac.com and Beyond Celiac, you can probably get any questions answered that you may have and find information you didn't think about. It's a great site!
  12. https://www.barilla.com/en-us/product-results/pasta/range/gluten-free/?sort=alpha Many people with Celiac use Barilla without issue and they do a good job of preventing cc. It is a very trustworthy product. When I eat too much dairy, it gives me the exact same symptoms as a gluten hit. It can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a person sick because our GI tracts are sensitive anyway. If this and other labeled gluten-free products have made you sick, that does not mean it was gluten that is the culprit. It could be another ingredient and that can be daunting to figure out.
  13. Thank you.......I do really miss him. That is what my take is and it might be because those who are doing well are not being heard from as they are just going about their lives and aren't in a doctors office that much. Doctors are only going to report on those who are having difficulties but they don't seem to differentiate why that might be. Lots of us have other AI problems and those come into play also. It all may not be from Celiac Disease itself. Doctors are also not really good with dietary treatments anyway because they offer little support. They always think you need a pill to get better. What I realized after seeing a new PCP last year, one I did not like, is that they seem to think you can't do this well yourself and need to see a doctor all the time for management with Celiac. I guess we are good for business. I just am sick and tired of all the negative with this disease. I would rather eat gluten free than go through any treatment they offer because I just can't imagine putting wheat in my mouth ever again, even if they did come up with a magic pill. It just doesn't seem like the right thing to do! I will be interested to see if other people join to report positive results and mostly stable health.
  14. Reaction to smells and anxiety

    You don't need to do that. Buy a new keyboard and no gluten eaters can use it if they eat while working on it or don't wash their hands beforehand! No one is allowed to use mine except my husband as he is gluten free also.
  15. No, you are not in denial! I think that these studies often involve those who are not doing as well as they would like but that can be from so many different reasons. They may be making mistakes with the diet, they may have other health issues that come into play or just are not adjusting to the diet very well. Sometimes it surprises me how many resent having to follow a medical diet that seems insurmountable to them and that can add stress....and we all know what stress can do. I actually filled out the survey to let them know there are some of us with multiple AI disorders that are doing pretty well and are having little to no problems following the diet. I think a lot of it is perspective. I am just one who refuses to let all this do me in. I worked hard at healing and although things are not perfect, most of my grief is from my other AI problems and not Celiac. My brother had kidney disease from Type 1 diabetes and believe me, there is no comparing Celiac to that. With Celiac, there is a lot of hope because we can get better from a diet. My brother was facing a kidney transplant but he died before that happened. I think he had Celiac also but he was in deep denial. Not following a gluten-free diet when you may have Celiac will definitely rob you of quality of life!