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  1. http://www.newburnbakehouse.com/supermarket-products#wraps Starbuck's also had wrap sandwiches in London and this was the company they used. Warburton's bread and wraps put everything in the US to shame. The wraps are moist, delicious and do not SPLIT! I could actually consider a move to the the UK just to have access to this bread. I will say it again.....the UK has the BEST gluten-free bread I have ever had. If I could afford shipping a cooler of the stuff to the US, I would. Really miss my good bread. And now I see they have crumpets........ Costa coffee is great...never had a problem with it.
  2. http://www.quattrobimbi.com/Panettone-large.aspx http://www.quattrobimbi.com/panettone-small.aspx Stollen, smollen! I have had these 2 Panettone's from Italy and they are delicious. They will make you forget you have to be gluten free. The large ones can also be had at Whole Foods. Not sure if they have them everywhere but they do at the ones near me and I have the large one sitting on my counter at home right now. My other wish would be to find some gluten-free Bakewell Tart in the US......
  3. My panel was the same as yours........all tests positive by large numbers so you can consider yourself a Celiac. Are you very symptomatic? I will add that I did not eat Whole Foods exclusively when healing. I needed to gain weight badly so ate gluten-free bread and a few other things that seemed to agree with me. Never had a problem once I went gluten free, except to discover that I had a problem with dairy also. But I healed well and all is good. You'll be fine now that you know what the problem is. Good luck!
  4. No, we ate at the one that was further out from town........I can't remember the road it was on but it was away from the town center. I know where that other one is.........we stayed right down the street on Mountain Rd.
  5. Go to Blue Agave! I was just there a month ago and there are so many gluten-free choices your head will spin. I am very sensitive and nary a problem. The food was delicious! The nachos, which were yellow corn, were gluten-free. Snooze was another place we ate at about 3 times and their brekkies are excellent. I stayed away from the gluten-free pancakes because the odds of cc are too high when eating out but all their savory egg dishes were delicious. They have gluten-free bread for toast and put it in the broiler/oven because they do not have a dedicated toaster........I've never been to a place that does. But it worked! I also went to Austin's but have to say I was not impressed. I was craving a buffalo burger and thought as this was Colorado, I would get a nice fat, juicy burger. What arrived was a Wendy's type square, flat burger. The chicken dinner might be a lot better.
  6. Hello SevereCD..........I, too, am a very sensitive Celiac so your acronym hit home with me! I'll address your concerns about meds...... I use Benadryl every single night because of allergies. I take the Children's liquid version because I have more control over dosing with a liquid and I am not a person to take many meds at all and am thin so when I do, I usually take children's doses because they work for me at that dose. The children's version is 25mg per teaspoon, which is half the dose of the adult stuff. It is gluten free 100% because if it weren't, after using it every day for awhile, I would be dead from diarrhea. I do not know if the adult version (pills) are gluten free because I never take them. I also use the Fast Melt/chewables version of them (kids) when I travel and those are gluten free also. You can take 2 teaspoons of it if you want the adult dose. Usually with meds, taking plain tablets is safer and most likely gluten free than taking something like Liqui-gel type caps. But, as always, read those labels and learn ingredients because company reps have no clue what is gluten free or not unless they have Celiac themselves or the company actually labels it gluten free. In 12 years gluten free, I have come across very little medication (plain tablets) that contain gluten. Manufacturers are wising up to this and some have changed ingredients to be gluten free. https://www.benadryl.com/products/childrens-benadryl-allergy-liquid#ingredients Schar breads are all done in dedicated facilities and they are a leader in the gluten free food world so the bread is gluten free. You might have a problem with another ingredient in it. I have had the Schar breads and they are actually pretty good. Ensure is gluten free BUT read the ingredients. The stuff is crap. It contains Carrageenan , which can be a major intestinal irritant for many people......as in diarrhea. You would be better off making your own power shakes with natural ingredients that agree with you. Do you have a problem with dairy? I still do, after 12 years gluten-free, and have to eat dairy lite. I use soy milk for power shakes because the milk kills me. Pedialyte........ahhhhhhh, my favorite hydrater when I was first diagnosed! It looks like the advanced version is gluten free but it also contains pre-biotics. Those are normally a very good thing to take but if your gut is still compromised, it might be too soon to be taking them. They can cause problems for some people so maybe try the plain version of Pedialyte? I never had a problem with that even when first diagnosed when my gut was a mess. As for thyroid meds, I use Nature-throid and that is gluten free. I have been taking it for YEARS with zero issues. I hope this helps you and that you feel better soon!
  7. Testing

    Enterolab's gene testing is very reliable as gene testing is very common now and straightforward. There is nothing questionable about it. However, the other stool testing that they offer is not currently recognized as reliable and it isn't. You cannot test for Celiac Disease utilizing stool samples, as of yet. Maybe someday someone will come up with one that is peer reviewed and accepted by mainstream medicine but don't waste your money on it now. I had my gene testing done through Enterolab because doctors didn't do gene testing for Celiac 12 years ago when I was diagnosed. The blood work version done in hospitals was too expensive and they have antibody testing for Celiac. I was diagnosed with Celiac through blood work from mainstream medical doctors, along with positive genetic tests from Enterolab. You should be able to order gene testing by itself through them but if they bundle it with other tests, I wouldn't bother.
  8. Sjogren's Test Q's

    Knitty kitty...have you been diagnosed with Sjogren's? There are many factors that come into play with severity of symptoms besides vitamin deficiencies. If you are pre-menopausal, then you may have a better outcome with severity of symptoms with regards to dryness. Hormones play a huge role in that. How long you went undiagnosed with it is also something to consider because the longer you go, the more collateral damage you will have that cannot be reversed by vitamins alone. I agree that doing a vitamin panel is mandatory and correcting deficiencies paramount to better health but even after I corrected my deficiencies, which were severe, there was improvement in my eyes but not enough to discontinue using Restasis. I was an older diagnosed Celiac who had in your face symptoms for 30 years so I pretty much have come to the conclusion I will be using these eye drops for the rest of my life........which isn't a bad thing because I value my eye sight. I don't consider this as bad as swallowing pills because the studies they have done with Restasis use have shown that very little of it actually gets into and stays in your system, even with repeated use. It's Cyclosporine and that is easily measured. I have had zero side effects from it, which is great. I just wanted people to know that if they have Sjogren's and cannot find relief using other methods that have been mentioned, then don't be afraid to try Restasis. It has made a huge difference in my eyes, whereas nothing else worked. I have 4 AI diseases in total so my situation might be different than someone else who only has Sjogren's. Lastly, it doesn't matter whether you have primary or secondary Sjogren's....Sjogren's is Sjogren's and I don't know why the AMA keeps making a differentiation between the 2. You either have it alone (primary) or with other AI disease (secondary). Symptoms and treatment are the same, which I have reminded some doctors about. I know you did not say that but the articles kept referring to primary Sjogren's. As for the Vitamin D dosing requirements, I totally agree that they are WAY TOO LOW. I take 5,000 IU daily...or at least 5 days per week because I sometimes forget a day or 2 and some people freak out over the dosing. As long as you check your levels, dosing can go pretty high to get that number up. If you live in the Northeast of the US, you're going to have to dose high. Glad you've had resolution to your problems, which is amazing since doctors never look into food and malnutrition. Look how many people on here cannot get their docs to do a vitamin panel!
  9. Gluten Free Fried Clams Etc.

    Yes, Legal's has a really, really good gluten-free menu and they have excellent protocol in place to prevent cc. I highly recommend them. They were one of the first restaurants to do so and I am very thankful for them! Woodman's is still there and they would be as they have been there since the 1930's. The food still rocks. I go about twice a year and went about 2 months ago for my fried food fix. I leave stuffed to the gills every time!
  10. Sjogren's Test Q's

    While this is very good advice, taking vitamin supplements won't be much help if you have Sjogren's. I take all the vitamins you mentioned just because I have Celiac and very few Celiac's can get all their nutrient needs from food alone. Nothing helped much until I started using Restasis. It's the only RX I take and the benefits have been noticeable. If I don't use it, I may lose eye sight down the road because the severe dry eye you get from Sjogren's is worse than you can imagine. Sometimes you have no choice but to use meds, unfortunately. But I do agree that checking basic vitamin levels is a must with systemic problems. Where do you live that you can get your Vitamin D into the 80's? Florida? Here in New England, most people never get to that number. It is common to see people here with D levels in their 30's because we are so far north. I have never been able to get mine over 50 but I now take 5,000 IU per day so we will see what happens with that. I do not get much sun but that is OK because I am older and sun really damages your skin. A real Catch 22!
  11. Until doctors recognize that food causes a lot of physical problems and disease, they won't be much help to anyone...except if you like being on 10 different meds. Great post and I agree with what you have said!
  12. Sjogren's Test Q's

    The pressure test is for glaucoma. Mine is perfect, which is good because I have enough problems. Do you have dry mouth also? That is usually the hallmark of Sjogren's.....both dry eye and mouth. Dental problems go hand in hand with Sjogren's because of the dryness issue. My left eye is the worse one also. My right eye is dry but the left one is really dry. I do use Zaditor for allergy drops but I can tolerate it because I have been on Restasis for a long time. Using systemic meds may increase your dry eye but you have to find something that works. Have you ever tried allergy shots? They worked really well for me but the treatment does not last a lifetime. The Schirmer test was not something I was willing to do but I didn't need to because my antibodies came back positive. I knew I had Sjogren's anyway due to my severe symptoms. They stick what looks like litmus paper strips in your eye to measure tear production. I don't think so, thank you! I have enough problems without them sticking things in my eye.
  13. Yes, the point I was trying to make was about inflammation being the root cause of many disease states and yes, diet is paramount above drugs in almost all cases. Half of all people who have heart attacks do not have elevated cholesterol. It just seems silly that the medical profession and so called journalists print these articles like they have just discovered the fountain of youth. Ask anyone with AI diseases about inflammation and you'll learn that we already know this. Look what happens to many with Celiac who go long undiagnosed......they end up with multiple AI diseases. Exercise and eating really healthy makes a HUGE difference. My ANA didn't go from 1:2580 to 1:320 over 10 years from doing nothing. That was the impact the gluten-free diet and gym work has done. Of course, I still will always have elevated numbers from having autoimmune disease but things are much better!
  14. Sjogren's Test Q's

    Hi BlackShoes........yes, you can absolutely test for Sjogren's antibodies while on the gluten-free diet. The only testing that is affected by the gluten-free diet is Celiac. However, you might find that over time on the gluten-free diet, any raised antibody levels may come down somewhat because, by going gluten free, you are removing the root cause of the systemic inflammation.......gluten. From personal experience having both Sjogren's and Celiac, the benefits of going gluten free had an impact on my comfort levels with dry eye/dry mouth. I never re-tested my SS-A and SS-B antibodies after diagnosis because most doctor's won't re-test once they know you have it. I think both cost and a "what does it matter" attitude has a lot to do with that. They don't seem to find lowered numbers relevant, which is bizarre but we are talking the medical profession here. You are correct in that you can still have Sjogren's and be negative on the testing. if your symptoms are extreme, then you most likely have it. Sjogren's dryness is not the same as run of the mill dry eye from aging and other causes. It's like dry eye on steroids. Give the Restasis time to work. It took at least a couple of months of use before things improved. It wasn't dramatic for me but at one point I stopped using it to see what would happen and my eyes went right down the rabbit hole. That's when I knew just how much it was helping me. You seem to have a good doctor because I went through a few who wouldn't even prescribe it as they "thought" it wouldn't help. Restasis is one of those meds you have to try for awhile to see if it helps. No doctor can tell if it won't work for you. Good thing I didn't listen to them. If you have allergies that affect your eyes, Sjogren's will make things worse. Your eyes are so dry that when you step into pollen land, your eye doesn't have the moisture to wash things away. Use OTC moisturizing drops frequently, as needed. Stay inside when the pollen load is high. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20151215/Lupuzor-may-become-first-non-immunosuppressant-therapy-for-lupus.aspx The above link is for new meds that might be very promising for us. I do not take meds, except Restasis, as they have side effects. But this link describes research on a new drug targeted for lupus but at the end of the article it lists Sjogren's as another possible disease it may be useful in treating. I'm all for drugs that modulate the immune system without screwing anything else up! I forgot to add that taking 2,000 mg per day of Omega 3 fish oil with meals will help with inflammation. I split dose mine and take over 2 meals.
  15. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2017/09/27/new-drug-beats-heart-disease-by-reducing-inflammation.html More proof that inflammation is the key to so many diseases. Systemic inflammation is like a disease magnet!